Civil defense in the Republic of Belarus

Civil defense in the Republic of Belarus

Republican Emergency Control and Response Center
Phone: +375 (17) 209 27 09
Address: 220004, Minsk, st. Jerusalem, 4
University of Civil Protection of the Ministry of Emergency Situations of Belarus
Phone: +375 (17) 340-35-57
Address: 220118, Minsk, st. Machine builders, 25
Regional Civil Defense Headquarters
Phone: 227 27 22
Address: 220035, Minsk, st. Saperov, 7
Headquarters of civil defense of the city of Minsk
Phone: 327 27 22
Address: 220038, Minsk, st. Kozlova, 26 k.8
Sovetsky District Civil Defense Headquarters
Phone: 292 39 19
Address: Minsk, st. Yakub Kolas, 15a
Zavodskoy district civil defense headquarters
Headquarters of civil defense of Leninsky district
Moskovsky District Civil Defense Headquarters
Oktyabrsky District Civil Defense Headquarters
Partisan District Civil Defense Headquarters
Pervomaisky District Civil Defense Headquarters
Frunzensky District Civil Defense Headquarters

Civil defense is a system of measures to prepare for the protection and to protect the population, material and cultural values ​​from the dangers arising from the conduct of hostilities or as a result of these actions, as well as in the event of natural and man-made emergencies. The organization and conduct of civil defense are one of the most important functions of the state, an integral part of defense development and ensuring the security of the state.

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